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About Me

OrientOpulence was started so that I could assist my colleagues in preserving the integrity of the Siamese and Oriental Shorthair breeds. I've had a Siamese cat all my life and when I went to university for the second time I had been living for 5 years without one and I greatly felt the void in my life.  After much trepedation I finally found a breeder who could provide me with an extreme Siamese (vs apple head) but the look I wanted came with restrictions - a show contract.  I had to show this cat until he became a Grand Premier (Champion) in CFA. Fortunately this was achieved in 1 show. 


Eventually I resumed showing my cats and met many wonderful people who served as my mentors.  As time went on I realized there was more that I could contribute to the breed.  As a healthcare professional, I believe strongly in responsible breeding practices which ensure that above all else, the health of the breed is preserved.  There are too many stories of cats with known genetically transmitted chronic disease conditions being included in active breeding programs.  


Additionally, to ensure there is no risk of in-breeding a responsible breeder must continually search for other studs/queens to introduce into the breeding program.  To keep the gene pool large and varied, I have obtained cats from as far abroad as Hungary and Russia.  While this certainly does increase my expenses, I believe the results are well worth it.  I believe I produce cats of exceptional health, temperment and appearance - but I will let all of you be the judges of that.  


In closing, I would like to extend a sincere thank you to the following exceptional mentors I have had:

-Dee Johnson & Connie Roberts (San-Toi Cattery)

-Pat Muise (Minghou Cattery)


Breeder/Owner - Gregory Pierce BSc Hon Phm/Tox, BScPhm, RPh, BCGP
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