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I had been searching for the perfect Siamese kitten for some time. I saw Gregory Pierce's kittens from Orient Opulence and fell instantly in love. My experience with Gregory has been wonderful, he communicated well and was very easy to do business with. Gregory delivered on every promise, I ended up with a beautiful, healthy seal point male. My kitten has a wonderful temperament and is the perfect companion for my OSH. He immediately became part of the family, we are completely smitten with this little guy!

Amy U - Arkensas

A couple of years ago my husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Gregory Pierce and checking out his OrientOpulence Cattery.  The knowledge and care he has is impressive and ultimately we purchased 2 Oriental Shorthairs - brother and sister and they have been amazing since the day we brought them home.  We have had several cats in the past mainly Siamese and Balinese but never did we deal with a breeder who was so thorough in discussing details, information and our motivation so that ultimately all of us, including the kittens would benefit.  I wouldn't hesitate for a minute to recommend OrientOpulence Cattery. I would also add that on occasion I have emailed or called Gregory with a question or concern to inquire his opinion and he has been readily available to discuss and give advice when needed.

Sharon G - Ontario

We adopted two seal points - a male and a female in January 2016.  Greg's cats are stunning healthy, and very obviously well cared for.  Because of the stress any feline can feel when moving to a new environment and because we also owned an adult blue point we used the "slow intoduction" process.  Our two new babies started out in a bedroom, where for two weeks they could get used to us, the atmosphere of their new abode, and the presence of our older cat. A tall baby gate in the bedroom's entrance allowed them to take all this in at their own speed. They were then given access to the rest of the house a bit at a time.  Both Siamese are bright, inquisitive and affectionate.  And they both adore our older cat - and she has bonded to them!!!  We love hearing them run around the house together, and at any opportunity, all three will cuddle up with us when we are reading or watching a movie.  

Anne S - Ontario

Given that our lovely cats have had their first birthday, I thought I would just send you a few pics so you can see that they are doing well and absolutely gorgeous and lovely pets. .  . Thank you so much for your careful breeding practices as we could not ask for two more wonderful additions to our family.  


Penny S -Ontario

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